Weather for OpenSim, because it is not always sunny in Philadelphia

What is WeatherOS?

WeatherOS is a web-based provider of weatherdata for OpenSim via HTTP relay. It can serve weatherdata statically or from around the globe. Future additions will include a weatherengine capable of generating unique weather based on user-input and full support for custom windlight settings for all weathertypes.

How does it work?

You can generate a key which serves as reference for the system to serve you with weatherdata in return. Using a simple HTTP request you can retrieve the weatherdata and broadcast it onto your region. If you select realworld weather the data will be automatically refreshed once an hour.

What's the catch?

What you do with the weatherdata is up to you, we do not offer any system to simulate weather on your region. We currently only offer static weather for free users. Realworld weather and the weatherengine will require a subscription you will be able to purchase. We are still in beta so things may change in the future.